Getting Started

Nexus Forge includes detailed notebooks which demonstrate its capabilities and and can be used as tutorials for each piece of its functionality.

The examples directory contains many Jupyter Notebooks to get started with Blue Nexus Forge user features and usage scenarios.

You can run the Getting Started notebooks on Binder by clicking on Binder.

For local execution, make sure that the jupyter notebook|lab is launched in the same virtual environment where Blue Brain Nexus Forge is installed. Alternatively, set up a specialized kernel.

In both cases, please start with the notebook named 00 - Initialization. It contains instructions for configuring the Forge with:

  • an example in-memory store and an example schema language,

  • Blue Brain Nexus as store and W3C SHACL as schema language.

After, it is recommended to run the notebooks following their number (01, 02, …).