Release Notes

This release introduces new features and enhancements to Nexus Forge while fixing a couple of bugs.

New Features


Binder_Querying and Binder_Resource to try.

  • It is now possible to configure a property path filter for a SPARQL based Resolver (OntologyResolver and AgentResolver) target to better narrow down data to resolve to within a given bucket #290, #312 . This allows for example a user to target a specific ontology to resolve a string from. Here is the complete configuration of a Resolver:

    - resolver: <a class name of a Resolver>
      origin: <'directory', 'web_service', or 'store'>
      source: <a directory path, a web service endpoint, or the class name of a Store>
        - identifier: <a name, or an IRI>
          bucket: <a file name, an URL path, or a Store bucket>
            - path: <a resource property path>
            - value: <a resource property value to filter with>
         endpoint: <A SPARQL endpoint to send resolving query to. Only used for resolvers based on SPARQL>
      result_resource_mapping: <an Hjson string, a file path, or an URL>
      endpoint: <when 'origin' is 'store', a Store endpoint, default to Store:endpoint>
      token: <when 'origin' is 'store', a Store token, default to the token provided in the configured Store>

An example of configuration for an OntologyResolver is:

config = """
                 - resolver: OntologyResolver
                   origin: store
                   source: BlueBrainNexus
                     - identifier: terms
                     bucket: neurosciencegraph/datamodels
                     - identifier: CellType
                     bucket: neurosciencegraph/datamodels
                         - path: subClassOf*.id
                         value: BrainCellType
                     - identifier: BrainRegion
                     bucket: neurosciencegraph/datamodels
                         - path: subClassOf*.id
                         value: BrainRegion
                     - identifier: Species
                     bucket: neurosciencegraph/datamodels
                         - path: subClassOf*.id
                         value: Species
                       endpoint: ""

forge.resolve(text="Chapter", scope="schemaorg_CreativeWork", target="CreativeWork", strategy=ResolvingStrategy.EXACT_MATCH)

A specific configured target can be specified as usual when resolving:

# forge.resolvers() lists configured resolvers
forge.resolve(text="MC", scope="ontology", target="CellType", strategy=ResolvingStrategy.EXACT_MATCH)



Binder_Resource to try the enhancements.

  • Added methods to get a Resource identifier (Resource.has_identifier() will look for id and @id) or type (Resource.has_type() will lok for type or @type) #265 , #318.


Binder_Querying to try the enhancements.

  • Added more SPARQL clauses (such as optional, as or describe) to ignore when rewriting (using Store.rewrite_sparql()) a SPARQL query #288, #292, #297.

  • Added support for specifying a content-type when downloading data #265 (issue #251).

  • Updated SPARQL query statement builder to consider the values of resource properties @id and @type as URIs (so that the values get correctly rewritten as follows: <uri>) when used with the NOT_EQUAL search operator #265.

  • Introduced core/commons/sparql_query_builder.SPARQLQueryBuilder for building SPARQL select query statements and filters #290.

  • BlueBrainNexus store: added resource retrieval by _self value (Resource._store_metadata._self) in addition to #271.

  • Added support for chaining multiple json properties using / as keys when calling searching using the filter dict syntax #305.

# Filter by type using a dictionary. affiliation and id are chained as a single json key using '/'.
# This syntax is equivalent to {"type":"Person", "affiliation": {"id":""}}

filters = {"type":"Person", "affiliation/id": ""}
  • Added ElasticSearch Terms query support when filter values are provided as a list and when ElasticSearch is used as a search endpoint #306.

# Filter by type using a dictionary
filters = {"type":"Person", "affiliation/id": ["",""]}, search_endpoint="elastic")
  • Set “distribution.contentUrl” as default resource json property path to follow when collecting downloadable file urls. Set the current folder as the default download path #265.

# By default and when files downloads are described as distributions (,
# this release allows a client to move from:, follow="distribution.contentUrl", path="."), follow="distribution.contentUrl", path=".")

# to simply:


Binder_Formatting to try the enhancements.

  • Updated forge.format() to know support URI rewriting. The specifiic rewriting logic is delegated to the configured Store. Two formatters are now supported:

    • Formatter.STR: corresponds to configured (in the forge config file) str formatter

    • Formatter.URI_REWRITER: URI rewriter. Using BlueBrainNexus store, this formatter will build a fully expanded _self rom a resource or file id

forge.format(, formatter=Formatter.URI_REWRITER, is_file=False, encoding=None)

Bug Fixes


  • Bumped rdflib from >=6.0.0 to ==6.2.0 to fix broken loading of JSON-LD context when using core.commons.context.Context. The error originated from an upstream rdflib bug (see rdflib issue #2303), #295 .


  • BlueBrainNexus store: fixed failing resource download when the downloadble URL is a _self #283 (issue #282) .

  • BlueBrainNexus store: fixed download of a list of resources which were failing if at least one resource in the list did not have the requested content-type. Now only resources in the list with the requested content-type are downloaded #283 .


  • Added Graph SPARQL clause to the query built by OntolgyResolver and AgentResolver to avoid retrieving an agent with more than one values for annotation properties (i.e name, familyName or givenName, label, …) #310 (issue #309)


  • Store.upload() was failing when a configured file-to-resource-mapping.hjson file was definining a transformation rule based on a forge method because of an incorrect instanciation of a Mapper object (a None Forge object was provided) was provided #315 .


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