vO.6.2 Release Notes

This release adds new enhancements and fixes a set of issues.


  • Added schema support when updating a resource. #153 (Try it using the Storing notebook Binder_Storing)

  • Added a class method for creating a Resource from a JSON dict with the ability to discard values #154 (Try it using the Resources notebook Binder_Resource)

  • Updated Reshaper._reshape to return None instead of an empty Resource when JSON keys to keep are not found #168 (Try it using the Reshaping notebook Binder_Reshaping)

  • During resolving, a default resolver is now selected when no scope is provided and if only one single resolver is configured. #168 (usage: Resolving notebook using Binder_Resolving)

  • Added a new set of notebooks documentation. #160, #161 (Try it using the use cases notebooks Binder_Resolving)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed np.nan values when updating or creating resources using BlueBrainNexus store #154 (usage: Datasets notebook using Binder_Dataset)

  • Fixed a non consistent numeric RDF list JSON-LD serialization issue occurring when using rdflib.Graph().serialize(). When serializing a numeric RDF list (defined with @container: @list) starting with zero (e.g [0,1,3]), rdf:rest and rdf:first are yielded rather than a simple JSON array. This error does not occur with an RDF list not starting with a zero (e.g [1,2,3]). Using pyLD solves the issue #159 (usage: RDF IO notebook using Binder_RDF)

  • Fixed downloading multiple files from multiple resources. #152, #155 (usage: Datasets notebook using Binder_Dataset)

  • Fixed the used version of nest-asyncio in setup.py to avoid This event loop is already running error caused by older version of nest-asyncio being introduced by dependencies #163