vO.5.2 Release Notes

This release adds enhancements and fixes bugs to both Nexus Forge core and specialization modules.



  • Added support for using dictionary as filters in forge.search(*filters, **params) -> List[Resource] when using BlueBrainNexus store. #117 (usage: 04 - Querying notebook on Github or on Binder)

from kgforge.core import KnowledgeGraphForge
forge = KnowledgeGraphForge("config_filepath_or_url")

# Search for resources of type Dataset with contributor of type Person and name "John Doe"
filters = {"type": "Dataset", "contribution":{"type":"Person"}, "name":"John Doe"}
resources = forge.search(filters, limit=3)

# The above dict filters are equivalent to the following path based filters:
path = forge.paths("Dataset")
resources = forge.search(path.type=="Dataset",
                         path.contribution.type =="Person",
                         path.contribution.name =="John Doe", limit=3)


When providing a dictionary as filter to forge.search(*filters, **params) -> List[Resource]:

  • only the ‘==’ operator is supported.

  • in the contrary of path based filters, it is not mandatory for the provided properties and values to be defined in the forge Model.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed failing forge.as_jsonld conversion when a list is provided as a property value. #115 (usage: 13 - JSON-LD IO on Github or on Binder).

  • Fixed failing forge.as_jsonld conversion when expanding a jsonld payload with a list of types. #116 (usage: 13 - JSON-LD IO on Github or on Binder).