vO.6.0 Release Notes

This release adds new features and enhancements to Nexus Forge as well as bug fixes.

New Features

  • Added Entity Linking as a specialization of resolving. #125 (usage: 09 - Resolving notebook on Github or on Binder)

  • Added support for elasticsearch query in Store and BlueBrainNexus store. #125

  • Added Entity linking based on scikit-learn. #135 (usage: 09 - Resolving notebook on Github or on Binder)


  • Added atLocation property to the BlueBrainNexus store’s file-to-resource-mapping file as part of the data distribution schema. This property can be used to retrieve the location of a file in a storage as shown in the example below. #121

from kgforge.core import KnowledgeGraphForge
forge = KnowledgeGraphForge("config_filepath_or_url")
 # Retrieve a dataset by id at a given version
 dataset = forge.retrieve(id="my_data_id", version="version")
 print(dataset.atLocation.store.id) # this will print the used storage id
 print(dataset.atLocation.location) # location can be a path, a url or a bucket name depending on the storage type
  • Added transforming single resource as pandas dataframe forge.as_dataframe() -> pandas.DataFrame. #137 (usage: 07 - DataFrame IO notebook on Github or on Binder)

  • Added support for DemoResolver to resolve using user configured properties. #129 (usage: 09 - Resolving notebook on Github or on Binder)

  • Removed required token when creating a KnowledgeGraphForge session targeting a non protected bucket. #129

  • Added a dataset creation example notebook. #134 (usage: BBP KG Create Datasets notebook on Github or on Binder)

Bug Fixes

  • Added self referenced JSON-LD context support for BlueBrainNexus store. #122 This avoid fetching nexus resource context from Github but fetching it from a BlueBrainNexus configured bucket avoiding thus errors when BlueBrainNexus store is used in an environment without internet access.

  • Boxed defined @id value in <> when rewriting forge.search filters as SPARQL queries. #124 (usage: 04 - Querying notebook on Github