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git clone
pip install --editable kgforge[dev]

Checks before committing



PEP 8, PEP 257, and PEP 20 must be followed.


# Setup
pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel twine

# Checkout
git checkout master
git pull upstream master

# Check

# Tag
git tag -a v<x>.<y>.<z> HEAD
git push upstream v<x>.<y>.<z>

# Build
python sdist bdist_wheel

# Upload
twine upload dist/*

# Clean
rm -R build dist *.egg-info

Generating locally the documentation

# Install sphinx-build and related packages
pip install .[docs]

# cd to the docs directory
cd docs

# Generate the docs
sphinx-build -T -W --keep-going -b html -d _build/doctrees -c ./source -D language=en ./source _build/html

Signing the CLA

If you are not part of the Blue Brain project, a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) must be signed for any code changes to be accepted. Please contact the Forge Nexus team to get the latest CLA version and instructions.